Good afternoon and welcome to our GDS 23rd annual recital. We have so many great dances for you this afternoon. Even though this COVID year has been a challenge these beautiful students and their positive energy has made our GDS family even stronger. Thank you for all your patience and new changes the studio had to encounter during this pandemic and we are looking forward to a very MERRY CHRISTMAS SEASON!! There will be no intermission food or drinks however flowers are available for purchase. Thank you to the following people for all you do:  

INSTRUCTORS: Laura, Katrina, Laurin, Alena, Pam, Timo   asst. Kaiya

COSTUMES: Aurora Garcia



FLOWERS: Just 2 Sweet Candy Creations

GROUP MOMS: and our fabulous leader Shelena

VENUE: Signorelli Ranch

Also a huge congratulations to our beautiful talented 2020 SPIRIT OF FIESTA Alena Velasco.

Alena, your positive attitude and beautiful performances during Fiesta definitely put Lompoc on the map!

Opening our show is our AMAZING 2020 Garcia Dancer of the year JENNA RAMIREZ dancing La Gitana de Grana.

Enjoy the show:)

Choreography: #'s correspond with each dance

Ms. Laura 1,3,7,8,9,10,18,23.     

Ms. Tammy 6,11,16.                   

Ms. Katrina 12,17,20.               

Ms. Laurin 2,4,14,21.               

Ms. Pam 5,13,19,22,                   

Ms. Alena 24.                           

Timo 15.


1) "La Gitana de Grana" Jenna Ramirez - 2020 GDS DANCER OF THE YEAR

2)" Are you that somebody" - ADULT HIP HOP Jessica, Jade, Matthew, Yvette, Jayleen, Elizabeth,

3)" Porompompero" - FLAMENCO TOTS Ariana, Odessa, Aunika, Beatriz, Sophie, Johana, Jaylene, Ava, Annaleah, Zaira, Camila

4) "Ritmo" - MINIS HIP HOP - Lily, Trinity, Annaleah, Mia, Natalie, Chloe, Mason, Evelynn, Khloee, Leah

5)"Alegrias" - ADV FLAMENCO Alena, Sarah,Tori, Sophie,Lili,

6)"Guajira" - FLAMENCO TEENS Jade, Jessica, Sophie, Alexia, Jessica, Alejandra, Kaiya, *Jenna - DANCER OF THE YEAR

7)"Dvende" - FLAMENCO KIDS Natalie S, Trinity, Lily, Aaliyah, Mia, Nathalia B, Natallia " -

8) "Oya Como Va" - CHA CHA ADULTS - Laura, Matthew, Lisa, Andrea

9) "Dejar de Verte" - FLAMENCO KIDS Anelah, Emily, Annaleah, Chloe, Daisy, Alina, Ruby, Mia Z, Mia C

10)"Agua de CoCo" - FLAMENCO KIDS Belisa, Lily, Katie, Leah, Rosalyn, Amaya, Elena, Kaylee, Adelie, Kassidy, Keira

11) "Quiereme" - FLAMENCO ADULTS Lorena, Emilo, Kate, Hiltrud, Anita, Veronica, Cienna, Jaylene, Lisa, Kaiya

12) "Pa Que Caliente" - SALSA TEENS Marlee, Camila, Vanessa, Sophie, Cali, Mackenzie, Alexis, Alina, Kaiya, *Jenna - DANCER OF THE YEAR

13) " Bulerias" - Evelyn Gudino 2020 Spirit Contestant

14) "Earth Song" - LYRICAL Jade, Cali, Matthew, Lauren, Natalie, Lily, Marlee

15) "Pienso En tu Mira" 2020 SPIRIT OF FIESTA ALENA VELASCO

16) "Tangos" - INT FLAMENCO KIDS Camila, Soleil, Ailani, Malina, Kaleigh, Macenzie, Alina, Vanessa, Cali, Nathalia

17) "Adios Amor" ADV SALSA ADULTS Katrina, Matthew, Tiffany, Sophie, Faith

18) "Meneito" FLAMENCO KIDS Layla, Olivia, Jazmin, Jasmine, Marley, Adalyne, Luna

19)"Sonsera" Jade Gudino 2020 Jr. Spirit Contestant

20) "Salsaton" SALSA KIDS - Alina, Jocelyn, Madeline, Lily, Adilene

21) "Renegade" HIP HOP TEENS Marlee, Cali, Deilyna, Vaelyn, Jocelyn, Ailani, Mackenzie

22) "Eres Luz" INT FLAMENCO Matthew, Tiffany, Erika, Faith, Michelle

23) "La Demanda" BACHATA KIDS Alondra, Layla, Jazmin, Olivia

24) "Prince Ali" MUSCIAL Curtis, Cameron, Mia, Lily, Deilyna, Mia, Annaleah, Vaelyn, Nathalia, Maddison